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Technical Architecture

IoT-Ignite is constructed to provide a platform to make IoT ideas come to life, from makers to industry size development groups.

IoT-Ignite Developer Zone is targeting to increase service and product diversity by providing both technical and business model solutions for the developer.

IoT-Ignite platform is built over a complex and hierarchical technical structure consists of:

  • IoT-Ignite Cloud
  • Device and Things
  • Device SDK
  • Cloud API

IoT-Ignite Cloud

IoT-Ignite platform uses its own cloud. Each component of IoT platform communicates over multi-tenant structure.

Devices and Things

Basic devices of IoT:

  • Gateway
  • Smart Devices
  • Nodes
  • Sensors
  • Actuators

Devices on IoT-Ignite platform can be managed on both PilarOS and Linux OS.


IoT-Ignite’s Android based enhanced mobile operating system with management APIs and IoT-Ignite Cloud access components.

Device SDK

Device SDK of IoT-Ignite platform makes it possible for all devices to communicate with IoT-Ignite cloud, to transfer data, and all set of rules to be applicable on devices with IoT-Ignite Customer App.  IoT-Ignite App undertakes programming task on the client side in IoT-Ignite platform.

Cloud API

Server App is basically developed to share the data received over IoT-Ignite App with the end users. Ignite Service undertakes programming task during the data exchange of 3rd party applications with data send by Server (client) within IoT-Ignite platform. It also makes it possible to share all data and rule sets received from customer app over end user web and mobile applications.

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