What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of objects such as sensors, devices or machines that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

What is IoT-Ignite?

IoT-Ignite is an open IoT development platform. Besides being an IoT backend to store sensor data and trigger alerts, it is an end-user ready platform providing back-end and front-end development that saves valuable engineering time. IoT-Ignite can be seen as an IoT application store where developers can offer their wide range of services to other developers or end users. Service cloud has the flexibility to interoperate with third-party cloud services and platforms such as AWS, Azure or Oracle.

What can I develop with IoT-Ignite?

IoT-Ignite developer tools and APIs allow developers to quickly develop connected products and solutions for a wide range of vertical market segments including retail, mobile services, energy, education, and agriculture. The opportunities are wide open to extending services to healthcare, manufacturing, and mobility.

How do I get started with IoT-Ignite?

We have crafted many tutorials to guide you through IoT-Ignite or you can visit our API documentation. Sign up for a free Developer Account to get started.

How do I get access to other complimentary IoT-Ignite APIs?

Ignite Service provides information, management, and rule setting for their devices and sensors that connected to these devices for developers on IoT-Ignite infrastructure. Server application operates these processes with REST APIs. You can get access to IoT-Ignite APIs from API Docs page.