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IoT-Ignite PubSub Service

IoT-Ignite offers complimentary service for subscribing to your device messages for near-realtime processing. IoT-Ignite streams your device messages to your own external services securely with the IoT-Ignite PubSub service. Therefore your applications can leverage streamed data from devices.

IoT-Ignite PubSub service powered by Apache Kafka, a messaging system designed for high scalability in terms of data volumes and concurrent access by multiple applications that need to process the arriving data in real time.

IoT-Ignite PubSub service currently in beta. In order to try and use this service contact IoT-Ignite Support with your devzone account information. We will provide you required information to subscribe IoT-Ignite PubSub service.

Sample Application

You can clone sample application from Github. Click here for application documentation.



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