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Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture IoT-Ignite is constructed to provide a platform to make IoT ideas come to life, from makers to industry...
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Service Development Essentials

Service Development Essentials Today’s IoT deployement model is based on connecting things to IoT cloud platform over Internet (WAN). We...
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Android As an IoT Gateway

Android As A Gateway Any Android phone or an Android tablet can be converted to a gateway thanks to the...
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Introduction to IoT-Ignite Cloud API

IoT-Ignite Cloud API Ignite Service provides information, management and rule setting for their devices and sensors that connected to these...
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IoT-Ignite Rule Management

IoT-Ignite Rule Management The Rule Engine makes it possible to build IoT applications that gather, process, analyze and act on...
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IoT-Ignite PubSub Service

IoT-Ignite PubSub Service IoT-Ignite offers complimentary service for subscribing to your device messages for near-realtime processing. IoT-Ignite streams your device...
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