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Introduction “Raspberry PI”

Raspberry PI is a computer not bigger than a standard credit card.  You can either connect it to your TV and record video or directly connect a mouse. The so-called “Talented Junior Computer”-Raspberry PI, has the ablity to operate like an ordinary PC, involving word processors and computing programs (Word/Excel) and you even can play games (HD Video games are also included). This device can be defined as a basic and user-friendly computer that even beginner programmers can use on their trials with a cost-effective advantage.

Anyone from anywhere can provide added-value on the development of Raspberry PI with its software and hardware advantages of being  open-sourced and unchained. With the help of some sample projects and wide libraries created by the other programmers, R.PI is called as “widely used” electronic circuit card.

Ability of Raspberry?

With its open source software, this mini PC  can be used  as a mediacenter and can easily play  1080p videos. SD card makes your PC a “portable” device. The air cooler-free and super-silent Raspberry PI allows you to make downloads from torrent and file share sites 7 days and 24 hours or allows you to create basic prototypes using Arduino.

In other words, the limit is how far you imagine.


Raspberry Pi 3

The types of used Raspberry PI

The devices have been innovated since 2009 by Raspberry PI Foundation. The initial device was sold on 29.02.2012.

In the beginning, Model A was introduced with a RAM of 128 MB but upgraded to 256 MB and had its place on the shelves with that upgrade.

Two kind models of Raspberry PI were manufactured under the names “A” and “B”.

Model B has 2 usbs and 1 ethernet while “A” only has 1 USB . USB option enables the 2 model to operate problem-free with standard mouses and pads.

Starting on 20.04.2012, Rasp.PI Models “A” and “B” are presented as open source. Any user has the access to the all circuit architecture and technical details.


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