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HwNodeAppTemplate Library

This library covers APIs that handles connection between node and IoTIgnite over Wifi.
Library covers the following functionalities: Network Service Discovery, TCP/IP server, IotIgnite connnection handler.
Add this library to your project in Android Studio as .aar.


WifiNodeDevice class implements basic functions needed for IotIgnite Wifi connection. By means of this library, you can implement the following handlers:

  • A specific mDNS service enables node to dynamically receive your listening IP address and port (Network Service Discovery Server)
  • TCP/IP server that listens sockets connected by nodes
  • TCP/IP client socket that reads node data and writes node configuration or commands
  • If your application is implemented as a service, it automatically starts after a device boot (Boot Completed Receiver)
  • Monitoring Wifi network connection state and restarting related services when a Wifi connection issue occurs (Connection State Changed Receiver)
  • Handling version conflict when IgniteSDKs used in Ignite Agent and Customer App are incompatible (Ignite SDK Compatibility Listener)
  • Monitoring socket and IotIgnite connections and handling connection issues (Socket and Ignite Connection Listener)
  • Sending data to Ignite and receiving action and configuration mesages from it

IotIgnite Dynamic Node Example sample application demonstrates the usage of this library.

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